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Boost your strength training with our durable and easy-to-use Chin-Up Bar. The Chin-Up Bar can be attached to and removed from your Door Frame Gym in a jiffy - no screws, tools or permanent fixtures needed for installation!

The Chin-Up Bar addition is the perfect way to maximise space on your Door Frame Gym. When installed, the Chin-Up Bar sits above the top of the Door Frame Gym bar, allowing more space for exercises that require additional height or side-to side-movements. 

The Chin-Up Bar’s hooks are hung from the top rung of the Door Frame Gym bar and counterbalanced against the bottom rung to avoid swinging or moving of the bar, offering maximum security and stability for your workouts.

Height: 70cm 
Width: 65cm 
Depth: 40cm 
Bar diameter: 3.5cm 


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