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Multifunctional design
From full-body calisthenics and street workouts, to finger strength training for rock climbing, our compact Door Frame Gym is a versatile and holistic fitness tool, designed to maximize your workouts.

Customize your setup
Modify your Door Frame Gym with optional extras, tailored to your fitness needs. Northman Bars’ range of Door Frame Gym accessories are compact, portable and can be used separately for added training variety. More accessories coming soon!

Easy installation & damage free setup
Easily mount your new Door Frame Gym without any permanent fixtures or power tools. All you need is an adjustable wrench to tighten the bolts and that's it!

Here’s the best bit - our space-effective Door Frame Gym can be easily unmounted, leaving no damage to your door frame or door! Perfect for renters or those who don't want any permanent training equipment installed in their home.


  • Frame
  • 2 bars 


  • Frame: Customized to your measurements. Standard measurement are 110mm in width, 2400mm in height and 36mm in thickness. 

    Length can be approximate as the spacer will deal with any discrepancies)

  • Bar: Thickness 43mm, tested up 140kg  





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