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Northman Bars was founded in 2020 out of pure necessity. With the global outbreak of Covid-19, traditional gyms closed their doors, fitness studios scrapped their class schedules, and public exercise equipment became obsolete.

Rauno, an avid street workout enthusiast, started looking at ways to continue his training and take his workouts from the Gold Coast public bars into the safety and comfort of his own home. While trying to find a way to install his girlfriend’s rock climbing hangboard without damaging the walls of their home, Rauno got to thinking about a similar setup for his street workout training.

After weeks of researching, sketching and testing, Northman Bars’s first product was born – the Door Frame Gym. The idea was simple – a single, multifunctional piece of equipment that anyone could use at home for their workouts that could be customised and modified with accessories to suit a variety of fitness needs. The result was just that, and now Northman Bars is proud to offer a convenient, modern solution for strength training for everyone from beginner street workout buffs to expert rock climbers.

Northman Bars is evolving quickly, developing new accessories and products monthly, and we’ve only just begun on our mission to offer the best at-home exercise equipment to our customers.

Australian-made and built to last.

What do our Customers say?

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