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Make every rep count with our versatile and quality-made set of Parallettes. Also known as push up bars, Parallettes are the ultimate body weight strength training tool for improving core and upper body strength, balance and stability. 

Lightweight and portable, our 10cm tall Parallettes come in a set of two and make a great addition to any home gym arsenal. Offering more height that our Small Parallettes, these Parallettes add another layer of challenge and allow for a wider range of muscle strengthening.

Designed for a wide range of body weight and calisthetic exercises, our Parallettes are compact and cost-effective with a secure grip for added stability. Boost your incline push-up reps and more with the added height and depth these Parallettes offer.

Whether you’re a beginner street workout enthusiast or a decorated gymnast, our Parallettes will take you to the next level.


Height: 10cm
Width: 20cm
Lenght: 30cm
Bar Diameter: 3.5cm 


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